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Meet Storey's Second Photographer

A second photographer is an essential wedding day service for me and I provide this at no extra charge. The second photographer is also my assistant.

David Anthony Williams Toronto Portrait Photographer

Introducing David Williams

David Anthony Williams is a Master (II) of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, a Master of the WPPI Awards system, and Fellow Royal Photographic Society. He is originally from Melbourne Australia, and now lives and works in Toronto as a Portrait & Wedding photographer and educator in the professional photography industry.

He is a second generation photographer (after his dad) and has been in the photography industry for over 40 years. He knows more about this than anybody I know, and I love the added confidence I feel when he is my second photographer.

When he isn't creating unique art-influenced portraits of people around Toronto, he helps me with weddings and multi-generation family portraits.

He enjoys entering and judging international photographic print competitions and his results include over sixty awards for excellence in wedding and portrait photography, including the AIPP “Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year” twice. He has won the Grand Award for excellence in portraiture twice at the American Wedding Portrait Photographers International convention and ‘Grand Award – Wedding Digital’.

You can view David's portfolio on his website: Beautifully Made Portraits

What exactly does a Second Photographer/Assistant do?

A second photographer covers areas of the wedding that the principal photographer cannot be at due to wedding day timing. This may include photographing the preparation of the groom and groomsmen, and family photographs of the grooms family while the principal photographer is doing the same for the bride.

Different Angles

A second photographer will also cover the course of events from a different angle to provide variety and detail in the coverage of the wedding rituals or speeches. They will also make sure that the reception is always covered, or alternate with the principal photographer to cover group of portrait requests during that part of the evening.

Assisting Storey

There are many occasions during the day when the second photographer becomes an assistant for the principal photographer, providing and handling specialist lighting systems for group portraits, setting up lighting systems in the reception before the entry of the bride and groom – and making sure the principal photographer can work quickly and efficiently….like the emergency ‘nurse’ to the ‘surgeon’.


The principal photographer and second photographer will often work as a team to organize, and arrange people during the group portraits and family photographs.

What qualifications or skills should second photographers have?

A second photographer should be at the same skill level as the principal photographer and be able to step in to the forefront at any point with complete competency to ensure the quality of the wedding coverage. Their styles should be the same, and consistent.

A proper second photographer should always understand the requirements of behaviour and dress code for the wedding, and fit seamlessly into the team covering the wedding.

What a second photographer/assistant should not be….

A second photographer position is a hugely important part of the wedding day coverage. It is not a job that should ever be entrusted to a beginner, a trainee, or a photographer with limited skills. That is where a dedicated assistant comes in. They may have some photographic skills, or indeed be in the process of learning their craft. However, they should never be entrusted to cover or create important moments of the wedding day.