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Recommended Toronto (GTA) Hair & Make-Up Artists

The Beautiful and Unique Details of a Wedding Day

These companies consistently offer superior wedding and event hair and make-up artistry. Get in touch with them to see more. The better your hair and make-up look, the better you will feel and the better your photographs will look.

Maureen Greenstein
The Beauty Agency

(416)836-1831 or (416)953-4384

Kirsch Cosmetic Studio: Susan
Kirsch Cosmetic Studio
(416) 832-4887 (cel)
A List Beauty: Al Fortier
A List Beauty
Bruna Mata Hair: Bruna
Bruna Mata on Instagram

I recommend these companies but offer no service guarantee. Interview them carefully and ask hard questions.

Help with Choosing

Get in touch with me if you need a specific recommendation for one of these amazing artisans.