Bedford Park Professional Family Photos and Baby Photos
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Bedford Park Professional Family Photos and Baby Photos

I had the most fun photographing this adorable baby in Bedford Park, a terrific family friendly neighbourhood near Lawrence Ave and Mount Pleasant Road.

The Baby and the Balls: Play is my main tip on professionally photographing babies & kids. In my child photography gallery, this image is timeless & loved by so many viewers.

So, 'how to photograph kids' is a common question. One of the most fun things for me to do as a photographer is to spend time photographing babies and children at play. This little guy was determined to retrieve these two plastic balls from underneath the couch. I found an angle where I could shoot through to the other side. I was laughing so hard as I took this, with his tongue sticking out in that determined way.

There should be a 'Complete Guide to Photographing Kids' but every session is different, with differing levels of cooperation from the 'talent'....sometimes it just comes together in an unforgettable image.

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Location: Bedford Park home, Toronto.

Keywords: baby (40), casual (22), day-in-the-life (3), family (58), portrait (82). 1/60; f/4.0; ISO 800; 45.0 mm.