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Classic Baby Portrait in the Backyard Garden
Child Portrait at the Evergreen Brickworks

Toronto Baby Portraits and Kids Photography

Toronto Photographer

I am a Toronto photographer that specializes in baby photos at any stage, toddlers on the move, kids photography, maternity portraits and newborn photography.

Baby Photography

For parents across the city, who want great professional photographs of your little ones, I will provide heartwarming photographs capturing the smiles, giggles, quiet moments, play time, snack time, and everything in between.

Children's Portraits

Are you looking for a classic portrait of your child? By that I mean do you envision your child in front of a backdrop or background, with props or costumes, in a single traditional pose with an adorable genuine smile? Great let's design the concept for your classic children's portrait.

Kids Photography

Imagine a great picture of your child running across the lawn laughing uncontrollably, face still covered in the snack, possibly with the other kids right in there too... If that sounds like your vibe, then a kid's photo session is for you.

Once we chat so that I get a sense of what's in your head and heart (in terms of the style of the session), I can create the perfect photograph for you. I have over 20 years of award winning experience photographing love. I would be delighted to photograph your children.

Learn more about my fun and safe photo sessions for children with heartwarming results.