Baby Portrait with Candid Moment, Connection & Laughter
Storey Wilkins Photography
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Baby Portrait with Candid Moment, Connection & Laughter

Baby portrait photographer in Toronto Storey Wilkins specializes in fun, whimsical laugh-out-loud moments during baby portrait sessions like this one.

Babies have a myriad of differing reactions to everything, but some really seem like 'old souls' in brand-spanking new, fresh bodies - like this chappie.

It was clear that this little guy was not impressed. He was slowly sliding down the piece of black velvet that he was resting on, and it clearly was not an acceptable situation for him. I loved the expression on his face so much that I kept taking photographs.

You have to wonder whether there is some venerable old soul in there. Every single time I come across this image it makes me laugh out loud. It's also great for demonstrating that not every great baby portrait involves a 'grandma smile'.

Location: Toronto.

Keywords: baby (39), children (10), fun (31), portrait (79), toronto (74). 1/125; f/8.0; 70.0 mm.